Casque Ruby® Castel intégral en fibre de carbone This is the beautiful "Ruby Castel - Barbèsthat is "Leopard" print with black laquer spotting and a satin varnish (70% mat, 30% glossy) all over.  Brass metal parts, and black rivets line the black leather trim on bottom, with ruby red interior - Fenêtre sur les fibres en carbone de la coque. Fermeture Double D en titane.

Le Castel® offre une protection intégrale supérieure et un poids plume grâce à l'usage du carbone. Délibérément pensé sans visière, il se porte avec des lunettes ou le masque Le Loup®

Garniture intérieure : chausson en mousse EPS (mousse de polystyrène expansé) de trois densités différentes pour un effet cocon. Canaux de ventilation pour évacuer l’air chaud et ouïes de ventilation faciales. Isolation phonique optimale.

Chausson permettant de laisser passer les branches de lunettes. Intérieur type peau retournée (matière : merlin) antimicrobien et anti-odeurs (traitement non toxique). Une housse rouge Ruby®, pour protéger votre casque.

Carte d’informations à l’arrière du casque : à remplir avec le nom, le numéro de téléphone et la personne à contacter en cas d’urgence, allergies et groupe sanguin.

Homologué ECE 2205

Poids 910g - 1450g (selon la taille choisie).


'Leopard' paint job, black lacquer spots on gradient, satin varnish, old brass metal parts, black leather trim, bottow with black studs, Ruby red interior.


  • Size instructions & certifications

    Measure the circumference of your head on the widest position (usually approximately 2.5 cm or 1 inch above the eyebrows), then compare with the table below. Note, that the helmet must fit firmly to ensure safety. The padding inside can be dented slightly on spots where the shape of your head requires it


    XS 53 - 54 cm 20.9" / 21.3"
    S 55 - 56 cm 21.7" / 22.0"
    M 57 - 58 cm

    22.4" / 22.8"

    L 59 - 60 cm 23.2" / 23.6"
    XL 61 - 62 cm 24.0" / 24.4
    XXL 63 - 64 cm

    24.8" / 25.2"



    DOT (USA, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218)

    ECE 22.05 (Economic Commission for Europe)

  • Exquisite design

    • Subtle and sensual spine, that is the signature of Ruby
    • Chrome, black leather or rubber trim, that reminds of old luxury cars, outlines the helmet
    • Bordeaux red calfskin nappa leather & anti-bacteria lambskin interior
    • Micro pocket in the leather loop at the back of the helmet holds useful information in an emergency
    • Every helmet comes in a beautiful red Ruby box
    • Immaculate attention to every detail
  • State-of-the-art technology & safety

    • The outer shell is composed of carbon fiber (a heritage from the aviation and space industries, that provides a maximum of stability at lowest possible weight), Kevlar® (5 times stronger than steel) and fiberglass layers
    • Double density inner shell that optimizes safety and shock absorbency with built-in ventilation ducts
    • Ultra light weight of between 870 g – 1070 g (depending on model and size)
    • For security reasons, all fixing elements are made of titanium and aluminium. Of course, this also implies a further weight reduction
    • DOT and ECE (22.05) certified
  • Superior comfort

    • Double D-ring fastening guarantees perfect and comfortable adjustment
    • Three densities of foam padding create outstanding noise isolation characteristics while there is plenty of room for the ears by a special notch
    • Air channels in the wall of the helmet take out the heated air
    • Nappa leather with anti-bacteria lambskin interior make wearing our helmets an incomparable experience
  • In the box

    • Red Ruby box
    • Castel helmet
    • Bordeaux red Ruby dust bag
    • Safety instruction
    • Safety stickers

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