Thanks for your interest in Ruby.
We are not producing any helmet nor accessories since the last 3 years for the following reasons:
As you can see on our official website:
We have almost no availability, so we cannot follow up on your request.
Since our acquisition of the brand in 2015, no original helmets have been produced, there are no stocks available.
Not wishing to deviate from the unrivaled quality and finish criteria that characterize our brand, but also focused on improving our products as well as the revitalization of new collections, we have concentrated our efforts to restart production in Europe, and we have permanently ceased all manufacturing in China.
Unfortunately, as many of our customers have noticed, many "rogue" sites and outlets offer illegal products and pirated copies, posing as the official manufacturers in China for Ruby.
We have not approved any resellers or manufactured of helmets since the end of 2014, and these sites and copies are illegal.
We work every day and we have spent countless resourses in order to stop these unauthorized manufacturers and resellers of pirate Ruby products.
Please know that we are deeply loyal to our customers, and while we deplore this situation, it is our commitment to provide official quality Ruby products in a near future.
Yours sincerely,
Ps: by using unlegitimate product you are exposed to serious breach of trademark liability, also engaging your personal safety with respect to your country rules and policies.
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